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  • Length : 3:48
  • Type : Instrumental
  • Instruments : Electronic drumsSynth
  • Genre: Glitch

El Catz

It is in a small town in Haute-Savoie in France, two passionates of electronic music, dubstep, met. Their attraction for totally different styles of electronic music pushed them to create a particular style in September 2012, in which they invite you to travel between electro, dubstep, glitch and complextro. One year after the creation of the EL Catz, soundtracks such as "somewhere in a dark corridor" and "Stream" are used by youtube channels. And other sounds are already used by Youtube channels such as "Mister jday" in the clip analyzes. But later "Ajna" as the main theme of the show Youtube "culture tube" with the release of their first album "Star Catz" in November 2014. Currently, EL Catz working on their next album as well as tracks for new expanding youtube channel seasons.

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El Catz

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