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Daduk is a French artist who mainly composes romantic piano themes. He began learning classical piano at the age of 12, and immediately started developing a passion for the instrument. Thank to his exceptional teacher, Daduk developed the confidence and technique needed to perform some of the most beautiful pieces of for piano. He started composing at the age of 16 the piece "Et Après", which became 16 years later the soundtrack of "Blueberry Garden", winner of the Independent Game Festival - equivalent of the Sundance film festival in the world of video games. Daduk is strongly influenced by classical romantic piano composers, such as Chopin, whom he admires for his technique and endless creativity. He also seeks inspiration from Vladimir Cosma, Hans Zimmer or Yann Tiersen soothing soundtracks. To date, Daduk has released two albums "Et Après" and "Rue Portobello" and is working on the following.